Human resources

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Human resources


Compensation and fringe benefits

ArcelorMittal Brasil offers a series of benefits to its employees and family members. These include: chartered transportation, subsidized transportation by bus, financial aid for child with special needs, financial aid for funerals, maternity leave, paternity leave, healthcare plan insurance policy covering incapacity/invalidity, stock-option plans, life assurance, retirement pension, financial aid for daycare, lunch provided in the company’s own cafeteria, food stamps, dental plan, financial aid for treatment of diseases, among others.


The Company also invests in preventative actions for the healthcare of its employees and their dependents, offering medical assistance preferably by way of ArcelorMittal Abertta Saúde, which has its own network of doctors and professionals, in addition to agreements with accredited hospitals.

In places not served by ArcelorMittal Abertta Saúde, assistance is made by way of private healthcare plans.