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Ecological label

ArcelorMittal is the first steel producer to receive ABNT’s certification

ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standards) has bestowed ArcelorMittal with its environmental quality certificate, named ABNT Ecological Label, rendering the Company the status of first steel company to obtain this recognition. The certification enables customers to identify environmentally-friendly products which meet the needs from construction industry.

The ABNT Ecological Label was bestowed following the realization of audits and technical analyses to the units of ArcelorMittal Juiz de Fora, ArcelorMittal Piracicaba, ArcelorMittal Cariacica, ArcelorMittal Itaúna and ArcelorMittal São Paulo. Having validity for three years, the certificate covers rebars, welded wire meshes, lattices, nails, tying wires, light sections, in addition to wires and rolled bars intended for use in civil construction industry. For ArcelorMittal Brasil, ABNT’s Ecological Label comes to prove the importance of investments made to ArcelorMittal’s Plants aiming at guaranteeing respect for the environment during all stages of production.

Ecolabelling program is a voluntary methodology for the environmental performance certification of products, bestowed by an independent entity in an unbiased manner. The use of materials bearing these certifications makes it possible for the green building, which seeks to achieve high eco-efficiency and low socio-environmental impact, to be recognized by the concerned organizations, such as the Green Building Council Brazil.

Products coming from the units of ArcelorMittal Long Carbon have borne this certification in their portfolio since 2010. At first, the Company was awarded with Ecological Label from Instituto Falcão Bauer de Qualidade and, following, it was certified with Ecological Label from ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standards), which attests the positive environmental performance of products intended for use in civil construction industry.