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Responsible sourcing

ArcelorMittal Brazil considers its suppliers as partners in the development of productive and responsible business. So that ArcelorMittal and its suppliers can build a strong relationship, commitment and engagement are of utmost importance. This trust-based relationship ensures the quality to our work and renders us worldwide leaders in steelmaking. That is why the Company is extremely careful when choosing the professionals and companies that will meet its needs and assist in its development.

To choose suppliers and regulate procurement processes, the Company relies on a series of formal procedures recorded in the quality management system. For these procedures, several criteria are adhered to, such as: quality, cost, certifications and recommendations from other customers of the concerned supplier. In the Company’s contracts sewn up with suppliers, provisions are also added in connection with human rights that bar discrimination, forced, slave and child labor, or the undertaking of work in poor conditions, and that ensure freedom of association.